Bridging the Gap

We all get stuck in our lives from time to time. These elements show up and we feel overwhelmed or confused and our brain want to protect us from these elements, so it seeks pleasure. These pleasures may come in the form of over eating, over drinking or just simply being very lazy and unmotivated. Val-U Coaching will help you to bridge the gap from being stuck to getting unstuck. We will show you 5 simple steps to getting unstuck and get you back on track to the life you want to live.

“It’s not what you look at what matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau

What you Believe, You will Become!

We all want to be happy, successful and enjoy our lives. But sometimes, we just cannot see or get passed what we are doing in our lives. Our brains, sometimes, are on this negative spin-cycle and we are not even aware. So, in essence, we become what we think about. At Val-U Coaching, we help you see what is manifesting in your brain and help you become aware of what you are believing and move you towards what you actually want to see or become.


Living Legendary

“There’s only one person in the way of you untapping your capabilities-- YOU. There’s also one person who can move you out of the way so you can perform at your peak. That person is already inside you. You just need to unlock them. This other part of you is your Heroic Self and you unlock it with an Alter Ego”. – Todd Herman