Your Feelings Create Your Actions...

Hello All, Valerie Pompey here again. I hope you all are having an amazing day. In today’s podcast, I am going to elaborate more on the topic of our thoughts and go into a bit more detail on how our thoughts can give us the results we want in our lives. But first, if you haven’t listened to my first podcast, please have a listen. It will help you to have a better understanding of what I will be talking about in today’s podcast. Previously I shared with you that any results you want to generate in your life, it all starts from our thoughts. Whatever action you take in your life, stems from a thought you had first. Most of the time, our brains work on default, we either take action or inaction depending on our thoughts we have been conditioned to think. From here, if our thoughts are positive we create our positive actions to move forward to get the results we are looking for. The opposite is true if our thoughts are negative, we generally don't take any action and the results are not what we hoped for.

Let's take an example of this. Let's say you have a big baseball game coming up and you have been practicing all week and you feel good about how you've been playing. The game comes along and your first at bat, you go up to the plate with confidence, and you strike out. What is your immediate reaction? Usually, feel terrible, your body slouches, your head drops, you feel like crap. What are your thoughts at this moment? “I suck…I practiced all week and look where it got me…what were you swinging at…that wasn’t a strike…you are an idiot…etc. etc.” Maybe you then can hear some parents or your parents yelling “it’s ok, get them next time”. Then you say, “jeez, I wish they would shut up, they don’t know what I am facing, they have no idea, get them next time, like I go up there to strike out….” Then you might hear the clapping of the opposition parents/fans clapping because you struck out. Which makes you mad…and more depressed. Your thoughts immediately, go to “why they have to clap for me striking out, do they hate me, what did I ever do to them, do they think I suck too…” All these thoughts run through our minds before we even get to the next inning. What you do you think will happen when you go into the next inning or two. Your thoughts are still in the negative thinking pattern, it is stored in the brain, so even if do something good, say get a hit the next time around, what do we say to ourselves, “jeez it’s about time, first time all day I got on base, only a single, made up for that last at bat a little..” We are still hard on ourselves even when we do, do something well. Our brains are wired to go back to the belief pattern you have about yourself. If your thoughts are all negative about yourself, then your actions you take or inactions are usually from a state of negativity and the results you want are not the results you want to create and a pattern starts to happen. Sometimes, the negative thoughts make us not want to do anything. We just go through the motions expecting the same bad outcome and if it does, then we are even harder on ourselves. We have thoughts like, “yep you suck, that just proved it, some of us get angry, throw things, hit things, yell etc.

What if you changed your thought pattern about the initial strike out? What if you immediately say to yourself, “wow, that pitcher has a great curveball, he threw that one to me on a 2-2 pitch instead of a fastball. I am going to watch him with the other guys at bats and see if he does the same thing to them, cause pitchers have patterns. Next at bat, I am going to work on hitting his curveball instead of waiting on a fastball”… What do you think our body language would look like with these thoughts? How would it be different? I believe your body language would not be slouched, your head would be high, your thoughts are on you going to improve the next at bat, instead of dwelling on your thoughts that you suck, you are not good enough, etc. Your actions, next time would come from a thought that is better serving you. In which case, the results may work better in your favour. If for some reason, you don’t hit the curveball or he doesn’t throw it, it doesn’t matter, the thoughts that you are thinking will serve you better for a greater action plan going forward than your thoughts running in a negative pattern. These are some of the thoughts that I will teach you and how to activate them immediately when you need to. Coaches tell you, forget that last at bat, but if you don’t know how, it isn’t that easy. I will show you ways to combat your negative thought patterns which, by the way, we all have. If you are interested in getting more info, hit me up….I would love to help you out.