Winter Baseball?

Hey Everyone...hope you are having a fantastic day. Today is a snow day for me, February 16, 2021. Living in Toronto, Canada and wanting baseball in February is something that takes a lot of thought work. It's easy to get discouraged when looking outside with all the snow and you cannot go outside to work on your sport while others are living in a warmer climate and are able to get out and work on their sport, maybe leaving you a little discouraged and feeling like they have an advantage over you. Many players and parents have these thoughts, I know we did at times and it can be very detrimental to you and your players development without even realizing it. Our brains start to process these thoughts as we have them over and over again. We start justifying these thoughts as we look outside to the amount of snow on the ground. We start to believe our own thoughts that, "yes, other guys/gals have a better advantage because they live in a warmer climate, that we are at a disadvantage". We start to have thoughts like, "I won't get the same looks as I come from a winter climate and scouts know I cannot play all year long." "They will look at someone who plays all year long instead of me."

As Winter goes on, and our thoughts continue along these paths, we start to have a negative belief pattern building in our brains without even realizing it. We have already told ourselves that we are not as good as these other players because we live in a place where we have winter and snow and how can anyone look at 2 players the same, one who plays all year long at the sport and one who only plays 3-4 months. Sooner or later, our thoughts control our feelings and we start to feel depressed, don't really want to go to a facility to workout; don't want to find a place to hit, especially with this pandemic. But what I want to offer to you is asking yourself what you have been telling yourself about living in a snow environment and playing a summer sport is it "actually true". Do you know that these other guys (who could be many) who play all year long, are they truly improving at their game? Do you know first hand that these people are working out to improve? Are they playing the game to get better or just going through the motions? Are they working on the mental side of the game along with the physical side? Are the scouts/coaches really thinking that you cannot be good if you live in a snowbelt country? I want to offer to you that these are just thoughts that we put in our brains. These are thoughts that keep repeating in our brains. But are they ACTUALLY TRUE? After awhile, we get good at negative thoughts. If we do it enough our brains gets good at whatever we think about. Just like hitting, if we continue to practice hitting a baseball, you will get better at it every day. If you keep thinking these negative thoughts, what do you think will happen? You will get good at negative thinking! What I want to offer you is a way to watch what you are thinking about on a daily and I have a template to help you decide what you want to think about . If you want to know more of how I can offer this help to you, please contact me, I would love to discuss any situation you have that is stopping you at achieving your goals, even if you don't realize it now.