Is the Grass Greener somewhere else?

Many people think the grass is always greener somewhere else, but is it? I believe the grass becomes green when you water it regularly. All humans want to be happy and have a fulfilling life. We often associate happiness with external things. If we do not like our jobs, we think that getting a new job will make us happier. If we are unhappy with our partners, we think that getting a new partner will make us happier. In some cases, this may be true and there is nothing wrong with looking for something new. But what we have to ask ourselves is, “why are we pursuing something new?” We have to figure out first why we are unhappy with the job or our partners because if we don’t do so,, we will carry this same unhappiness to the next job and next partner. What if I told you, you can be happy with the job and the partner you already have? Being unhappy with your partner or about a circumstance is not the person or circumstance’s fault. These things are neutral. It is our thoughts around the circumstances or person that cause us to be unhappy. What if we start to think differently about our partners and jobs? What if we start searching for things we like about our partners and our jobs instead of thinking negatively? Do you think our feelings might change? Our brains are wired to protect us. We set internal boundaries without even knowing it, and when something goes beyond our tolerance, it will make us feel sad, angry or annoyed. If your thoughts are all negative about your job or partner, then your actions or inactions are usually from a state of negativity and the results you want are not the ones that you want to create and a pattern starts to happen. Being unhappy can make us unproductive. We just go through the motions expecting the same bad outcome and when it does, then we can justify our beliefs.

What should we do then?
We need to change our thought pattern. When you start to feel upset or angry, think of a thought that makes you happy or smile. This will change your feeling even if it is slight at first. Feeling a smile on your face, puts you in a more positive state and you are able to gradually start to feel better. This will definitely change how you view things. Your actions, from this point onward, will come from a positive state that is better serving you. It takes practice, just like any new habit, but these habits can be life changing. Let us help you work on these habits and combat your negative thought patterns about your job or partner which, by the way, we all have. If you are interested in getting more information, hit us up! We would love to help you out.