Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and get excited about what could go right!

Many of us may fear rejection, failure and change. And such fears will definitely affect how we view things and how we make decisions. As humans, we tend to favor the safest way and not explore the other options which may have a greater impact on our lives because of the fear of failure. There is nothing wrong with this. However, what if you thought the complete opposite? What if you only thought about what will go right instead of thinking what could go wrong? What do you think the outcome would be or how the results would be different? What if I told you that both of these scenarios are just thoughts in our brains and it is up to us which one to choose to believe in. Thoughts can propel us forward and challenge us or they can hold us back from doing what we want to do and keep us stuck. Whenever we make decisions, there are always at least two outcomes that could happen depending on the path that we chose. If we choose the safe path and stay within our comfort zone, then we stay in the same path or direction and gain nothing. But what if we challenge our belief system and tell ourselves that we have nothing to lose by facing our fears? The outcome could be different and even better than we expected. At the very least, we can say we tried and we learned from our progress. Progress is learning from our failure or our discomforts. If we never tried anything new, how could we learn new things?

Everyone has many “what if’s” in life. We ask such questions to ourselves most of the time especially when we are bound to make a life changing decision. For example, if you would like to venture into your own business, you will need to invest in it. And when we talk about investment, it will not just involve money, it will also involve your efforts and hardships in order to make the business work. The thing is, not all businesses are successful. Some, despite the money, efforts and dedication spent, could face closure after months or years because of some external circumstances. However, how would you know this if you did not take a risk and venture into the unknown and risk failure? There is that possibility that you will lose everything that you invested, but, WHAT IF you pursued investing in the business and it performs well in the market? This is a much better thought than thinking about “what could go wrong”. This positive thought will propel us forward in our business even though we may be fearful, we still continue with it. If we have setbacks, we are able to learn from them and grow.

Taking risks will always be a part of the process. It’s all how you think about the risks. If you think negatively about it, most likely you will not be able to move forward and reach your goals. Changing your thoughts to be more positive and optimistic allows you to see the possibilities to achieve the goals you want and inspires you to easily overcome some setbacks. What if we told you that you could think this way and achieve your goals all the time? Would you be interested in knowing how to? We have found a way. We just need to train ourselves to recognize it and access it upon command. If you are interested in learning more, message us. It’s not a new concept, it has been used by many celebrities, athletes and everyday people, but many of us don’t know how to use it effectively. Let us help guide you on your journey of life.